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The organization was facing issues with their on-prem AD based SSO and access management solutions. During peak times the struggle was in managing the spike of people attempting to authenticate leading to frequent crashes and offline status.

  • We identified the timelines and reasons behind the frequent outages. We monitored network traffic and conducted trend analysis to identify the requirements of the client so that the resources could be structured accordingly.
  • An on-prem solution was discussed, however, it was decided against it based on ROI and scalability. It was verified that the on-prem did not have the capacity to deal with the frequent spikes.
  • Finally, we had a cloud-based global IAM designed and integrated with on-prem infra providing a cost-effective as well as a robust solution. This completely negated the downtimes.

Along with our other services we are now providing consulting services to migrate functions to the cloud; creating a hybrid solution that will help the organization not only for IAM but adhere to service contracts and standardize their services.

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