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Our Offerings

Information Technology has witnessed a rapid change in the last decade. It has a come a long way from VB Script and Java coding to Cloud Computing. Gone are the days when a Bachelor of Computer Applications or Bachelor of IT was a coveted applicant. Today’s market requires highly skilled individuals who possess innate practical knowledge of specific fields. Every organization across sectors and domains is looking for professionals who can help reduce their infrastructure costs or make their IT environment more secure and less vulnerable to threats or project and product leaders. In this current market, it is imperative that resources get the right guidance and training to ensure that they can grasp the right opportunities in their career path.

IT security is a very important domain and a huge emerging market in India. Over the last few years we have seen a sporadic growth in this market and the ever-increasing need for IT security experts. According to the research, as on Mar 11, 2018 currently, there are 10,000-15,000 open jobs related to cyber security across tech and non-tech roles in India. (Source Times of India)

This proves that there is a relatively large gap in the demand and supply of IT security professionals; which makes it a lucrative market with highly competitive salaries.

Our training Branch was created with a sole aim to provide students & industry professionals guidance, adequate knowledge and expertise to help them prepare / upgrade to enter the workforce or enhance their career path. We offer courses in niche subjects like IT Security, Cloud Computing, Secure Application development etc.

At Seculibrium we are associated with multiple Universities, Training Institutes and provide classroom as well as online training facilities to provide and improve the skill sets of individuals looking for a good career path and growth.


  • Computer Basics – This is the basic certification in IT. This will cover basics as understanding computers, maintenance of PC, mobile devices, laptops, printers and operating systems.
  • Fundamentals in computers – Will cover advanced skills to operate computers and will be entry level certification for freshers in IT enabled organizations.
  • Networking – Will cover Network technologies and help individuals understand them. This course is designed for network installers, technicians, help desk technician and network administrators.
  • Computer Security – This is the basic certification in understanding the need for security and managing user level security on PC’s. Will cover topics such as identifying vulnerabilities, penetration testing, operational security. Certification necessary for Ethical Hacker
  • Security Analyst – Introduces individuals to use existing tools and manage and analyze security postures of the organization and perform activities such as risk management, vulnerability management, threat management etc.
  • Penetration Tester – Will upgrade skills of an individual in understanding and using tools for penetration testing. Will focus on offensive mechanisms and let user test the security of the devices by actively attempting to attack and hack the device.
  • Cloud Fundamentals – Basics of Cloud computing. Understanding the standardization and essentials of cloud. Good for beginners to understand what the cloud is and learn about the careers in Cloud Computing.
  • AWS Technical Fundamentals – AWS basics that help participants understand the most popular and utilized services offered by AWS. Good for pre-sales, managers and freshers who want to have a preview before joining an advanced course.
  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate – The AWS architect associate course. Good for experienced candidates looking to move into a Cloud Architect role.
  • CCSK – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge – A course from Cloud Security Alliance this course helps people advance in the cloud with security as a domain. Good for managers and architects to understand how cloud security works and gives a layered approach for implementing cloud security.
  • CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional – A more advanced and focused version of the CCSK course; this course doles out knowledge required by Architects, CISO, and top technical management people to understand an architectural overview the implementation of cloud security.

CompTIA Certifications

  • A+: A+ (A Plus) is an entry-level computer certification for PC computer service technicians. The exam is designed to certify the competency of entry-level PC computer service professionals in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers.
  • CySA+: CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) is an IT workforce certification that applies behavioral analytics to networks and devices to prevent, detect and combat cybersecurity threats.
  • CASP+: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) is the ideal certification for technical professionals who wish to remain immersed in technology as opposed to strictly managing. CASP+ is the only hands-on, performance-based certification for practitioners – not managers – at the advanced skill level of cybersecurity.
  • Pentest+: The CompTIA Pentest+ certification is an intermediate-level vendor-neutral certification that validates your knowledge and ability to plan/scope an assessment, understand the legal/compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning/penetration test, and analyze/report on your findings.
  • Cloud Essentials+: CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ validates the candidate has the knowledge and skills required to make clear and conscious decisions about cloud technologies and their business impact by evaluating business use cases, financial impacts, cloud technologies, and deployment models with knowledge of cloud computing.
  • Cloud+: The CompTIA Cloud+ certification, is an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge required by an individual working in cloud environments. This program will certify an individual’s capability of understanding all the cloud related terminologies and the level of implementation.
  • Security+: CompTIA Security+ is the first security certification IT professionals should earn. It establishes the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

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