Perimeter Security

Attacks and attackers are evolving as technology advances. 2017 through a new slew of attacks with malware-less attacks gaining prominence. DDoS attacks are now positioned as the 3rd highest threat. Ransomware’s like WannaCry, Wannacrpt, Petya etc. cost organizations 4 billion USD worldwide. To mitigate these attacks Organizations, need to configure security on various levels. The first line of defence is the Firewall, IDS/IPS and UTM’s that are placed at the organization’s perimeter (the security wall between the internet and intranet)

These devices need to be managed properly and the policies checked, verified and updated on a regular basis. It is difficult for an organization to have a dedicated team for this due to the dynamic nature of the requirement.

Lest be the guy who secured the ‘windows’ but left the door open.

What we offer

We conduct compliance and technical audits and advise the best possible solution for your requirement, and we also follow up with regular assessments to identify the current security profile compared to the network traffic requirements.

We ensure with regular checks that not only perimeter security devices work as required but are configured to detect attacks if any immediately and alert required personnel.


We encourage our clients to be as proactive for security as possible and our services are designed to empower clients for any shortfalls. We provide services & intelligence in designing, managing & maintaining –

  • Firewalls
  • SIEM
  • UTM
  • Based on the client’s requirement.

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