Application Security

Web Applications are the lifeline of today’s businesses. Companies rely on applications more and more, may it be customer management, resource management, providing services or customer interaction. This leads to a huge data generation that needs to be secured.

Caution is the parent of security!

Applications themselves are vulnerable to various exploits. According to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, web applications “remain the proverbial punching bag of the internet,” with about 80% of attacks in the application layer, as Gartner has stated.  Taking proactive measures to protect your company and customer data is no longer an option: It is a business imperative for enterprises across all industries. Application Security is built around the concept of ensuring that the code written for an application does what it was built to do and keeps the contained data secure.

Addressing Range of Industry Segments

Information Technology
Business Services
Financial Services

According to leading analysts, application security puts a primary focus on three elements:

  • Reducing security vulnerabilities and risks
  • Improving security features and functions such as authentication, encryption or auditing
  • Integrating with the enterprise security infrastructure

What we offer

  • Secure code review
  • WAPT for applications
  • WAPT for applications on the cloud
  • Application Threat Modelling
  • DevSecOps

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